Online and mobile application development and design, Lead management and SMS marketing solutions
OLM offers a range of marketing tools suitable for all industries and every purpose. We can’t list them all so we hope the variouse projects listed below will enlighten you on how OLM can benefit you - our products and thier results speak for themselves.
iPhone applications
We have recently completed design of Frankston Mitsubishi iPhone app / game. The automotive industry are excited by the return of business exposure.
POS marketing
Digital Point Of Sale systems typically comprise of Plasma / LCD screens displaying an array of selected campaigns / products / services. Interactive marketing can be acheived with touchsreen options.
SMS Marketing
The most efficient client relationship solution. Immediate responses are what make SMS the first choice for sales staff.
Auto Show Online
The online salesperson allows sales staff of any industry to efficiently share video footage and tech specs with clients. Potential clients are then able to register interest online which triggers swift notification of salesperson.
Bluetooth Marketing
We own one of few Bluetooth messaging boxes, allowing clients to send messages, images and videos to multiple handsets within a two kilometer radius. Limitless potential.
Data Capture
In effort to help Frankston Mitsubishi capture client data for use in marketing campaigns, we have created a range of competitions enticing past and potential clients to enter online.
Email Campaigns
Arguably the most effective and cost efficient form of direct marketing.We tailor and create Email templates for bulk or boutique purposes.
Lead Management
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iPhone applications
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Auto Show Online
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POS Marketing
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